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  • Devvrat Sharma

Vetiver Distillation

Updated: May 9, 2021

Vetiver oil is one of the major ingredients used im oriental perfumery. With it earthy woody and soothing aroma is it most prefered oil.

The major cultivation of Vetiver Congress from Haiti but in last few years Indian market also have serge with a good volumes of Vetiver oil. Currently Vetiver production in India is considered as above 20 MT which is total is 60% of the total Vetiver production in world

Ashri Naturals is one off these major Vetiver oil producers in india. We produce and trade more than 4 MT of oil. Our Vetiver Distillation has begin with more opportunity in 2021. At Ashri we are building sustainable model of vetiver cultivation for Better supply chain and consistency of the material.

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